Art glass

Bibbi Ahrnstedt 
lives in Stockholm, Sweden

"Ever since I was a child, I have been interested of space. Planets and galaxies captured my imagination early on, especially the fact that we are made up of the same material as they are. 

The origin of life is fascinating and I find inspiration for my art in a variety of areas such as early history, mythology, nature and the universe. Life is incredibly complex and beautiful. There is geometry in everything, both large and small. 

I am lucky to have been born the last century, when so much was and now is known and discovered. Inquisitiveness plays a large role in my art. The desire to express myself  has led me to make the transition from pottery to working with glass. 
Glass is such a wonderful medium, full of possibilities, and has given me new dimensions for expressing the wonders that I see around me.

We live in the space age. We are in the middle of an adventure. For the first time, we have the means to explore our wonderful universe. Through my work, I want to show that there is more to life than the daily chores.
I hope to call attention to what there might be out in space, and make everyone understand that we are a small but active part of something vast. 
My recent art works in glass are expressions of the intricate and fascinating patterns of DNA spirals and atoms. The complexity of nature, space and our own ancient history is expressed in my works, as I delve into the secrets of the micro- and macrocosmos."


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updated  2018-01-01
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