Bibbi Ahrnstedt



Arlanda airport, Stockholm , Sweden 1988 
Space Commerce, Montreux, Schweiz 1990 
Space Commerce, Montreux, Schweiz 1992 
Space Center, Houston Texas, USA 1994
The first Art Exhibition in Earth Orbit on 
EUROMIR 95, Mir Space station 1995 
Planetfest 97 Pasadena, USA 
Art of Space Exhibition , 1997 
Sweden Solar system 1998, 1999
NK Glass & China
Dept. Stockholm,  Sweden 2004,,2005
The Steps Gallery Bristol, England 2006
Nykoping Town Hall, 
Sweden 2007
 Agora Gallery New York 2013

Limitless Exhibitions II
Studio Vouge Gallery Toronto Canada 2013
Granville College, Art & Design,
Sheffield, England 1970-73 

De Vrije Academie,
Den Haag, Holland 1974-77 

Kiln Casting glass, Colin Reid, England 1995 

Bullseye glass school, Cerama,
Sweden 1996-97&99 

Urban glass school, New York, USA 1999 

Studies in astronomy: Stockholm University,  Sweden 
Member of the Planetary Society